Our values


We value our colleagues, our employer and all those we interact with as part of our work. We care for tomorrow and manage resources efficiently and responsibly. This is part of our contribution to a successful energy transition, a secure energy supply and a world worth living in for future generations

Team Spirit

We work together and are aware that the skills and the experience of each single person are key success factors. We are a reliable partner for our customers and our other stakeholders in all energy-related areas.



We are proud to be part of Encevo Group and we identify with our company. We are ambitious; we show initiative and courage to reach our goals. We constantly expand our knowledge and take an innovative approach.



We are dedicated and feel responsible for the success of the group. We constantly seek to improve, are results-oriented and act in a sustainable way to deliver service excellence to our customers.


Think We!

In a fast changing environment, disciplined governance, shared teamspirit, a heartbeat for innovation and the will to be quicker than others are the keys to individual satisfaction and collective performance.

As a company, we depend on this attitude because it allows us to leap forward and surprise with innovative solutions. They allow us to generate competitive momentum and to create ever new ways of sustaining our business.

But how do we guarantee that this attitude is practiced on a daily basis? The key to this is understanding. Understanding that there is no collective achievement without the passionate contribution of each and everyone of us. This is why we have launched a campaign, that aims to challenge everyone to do more, to do better – but above all to do it together.