10 reasons to joins us

Our employees, our greatest partner

We are convinced that an administration that cares about its employees allows the successful development of the company. We are constantly working on providing you with an environment that both optimizes your capabilities and meets your individual needs. We nurture a relationship of trust with our employees and cultivate transparency and respect within the company. This characteristic has earned us a place among the most attractive companies in Luxembourg for several years according to the Randstad study. Throughout the year, we also organize events to strengthen the ties between employees and to contribute to a good working atmosphere. 

A green and commited company

We are committed to ensuring a sustainable future by taking care of the planet. To this end, we advocate an economy that is more environmentally friendly in terms of energy. Through our CSR policy, we aspire to a considerate and transparent management and a reduction of our environmental footprint. We are committed to ensuring a better quality of life, in particular through the Enovos foundation and various social projects through Creos.   



Find the balance that is right for you

We offer flexible hours to our employees in order to meet everyone's needs and to allow a personal balance between private and professional life. We also offer additional personal time through a time savings account as well as additional vacation days. 



Innovation : our keyword

We work every day on maintaining a harmony between the company's traditional values and the constant need for innovation. Our dynamism and our eternal concern for improvement are our main strengths. In an environment that is constantly evolving, we actively contribute to progress in areas such as the new smart meters or the charging stations promoting electromobility in Luxembourg. 



An employer who makes you evolve

We believe in your potential and strive to optimize it. Throughout your career, we aim to improve and perfect your skills by suggesting trainings adapted to your ambitions and competences. Thanks to our efficient internal mobility, we become your first support by accompanying you in the realization of your professional projects. With the implementation of the talent management project and the succession planning program, the company wishes to go even further in its employee development strategy.

An attractive financial offer

Being part of our company allows you to benefit from a competitive salary and to have access to several advantages. We offer for instance a performance-based bonus as well as an end-of-year gratification. We have also introduced an additional pension insurance as well as an additional health insurance for you and your family. Being part of the Encevo Group also gives you access to financial benefits such as discounts on electricity or offers on sporting and cultural venues. 


A strong company

The Encevo Group holds the leading position in the electricity and gas market in Luxembourg. As this market has recently been liberalized, we are all the more motivated and constantly on constantly seeking to improve in order to stay as attractive as possible on the market. In order to maintain our leading position, we are challenging ourselves on a daily baisis.   



Strong values and a positive corporate culture

We want to be a strong team and establish a unique corporate culture. Respect, team spirit, commitment and excellence are the four values at the heart of the Encevo charter. The Encevo Group is composed of four different entities and we work together on a daily basis to maintain harmony within the group. We think WE !




An enriching cultural environment

Established in Luxembourg and the Greater Region, the Encevo Group is home to many different nationalities. The languages spoken within the company reflect the cultural diversity of the company. The different ideologies that coexist every day shape a rich open-mindedness. We fully assume our heterogeneous character and use it to evolve on a daily basis. 

A fascinating job on a daily basis

We take care to maintain the enthusiasm and creativity of our teams by continuing to propose exciting projects every day. Mutual support and sharing prevail within the company so that we can strive for excellence together. We love challenges and are not afraid of change. We are an ambitious team and we are looking for talents that will contribute to our success.