Our work environment

Administrative Headquarters & Luxembourg City Operations Center

In 2021, the new Creos administrative headquarters will open its doors and welcome its employees in a brand new, ultramodern building offering the highest level of comfort. New offices and meeting rooms, a company restaurant but also a large free parking will be made available to the teams located there.

This new building will also host the Creos operations centre of Luxembourg City.




Dispatching Bettembourg

The electricity and natural gas dispatchings, with their control rooms for remote control and management of the networks, are located on a brand new site in Bettembourg as of mid-2020.





Operations Center Roost

The operations center in Roost is in charge of the electricity and natural gas networks in the center and north regions of the Grand Duchy. It regroups high, medium and low voltage services for electricity and medium and low pressure services for natural gas. The central warehouse and the mechanical and electrical workshops are also hosted in this ultra-modern complex, which opened in 2014.




Operations center Schifflange

The operations center in Schifflange operates on the electrical networks and infrastructures located in the south of the country. It is also responsible for monitoring the high-pressure natural gas network at national level.



Operations Center Contern

The operations center in Contern is in charge of the control and adjustment of meters, an area that is evolving rapidly with the introduction of smart meters.

The center is equipped with a calibration laboratory and is located next to Luxmetering, an economic interest group created by the seven electricity and gas grid operators, whose mission is to commission and operate a computer platform managing smart meter metering data.