Our professions


Steve Mering and Roland Barthel explain the many challenges an electrician faces at work and the therefore the need for dynamic and reactive teams. 

Planification manager for high-voltage stations

Guy Reckinger explains of what a job as planification manager for high-voltage stations consists and how fascinating and stimulating it can be.

Industrial designer

Our team of industrial designers, which Melanie Weis is part of, are mainly responsible for documenting changes in our networks and digitalizing old plans.

Warehouse clerk

With more than 18.000 different items used within Creos and a multitude of teams working on construction sites every day, our team of warehouse clerks, which Flavio is part of, can resort to sophisticated tools and systems made available to meet the company's needs.

Electrical workshop

The success of a project depends largely on its preparation. Daniel Ribeiro Soares and his colleagues put up the electrical cabinets and panels necessary for the execution of the works in the field.

Project manager & Team leader

During the construction, modernization and transformation of the gas network, collaboration between the project manager, team leader and external partners is crucial for the organization and smooth progress of the work. Gilles Garganese and Steffen Wernicke always face new challenges and contribute to finding the best solution possible.

High voltage lines manager

Anticipating the electricity needs is crucial to be able to guarantee and maintain the quality of our networks. In order to plan the necessary work, Marco Renckens and his team manage the construction projects for High Voltage lines. 

Agent for metering services

Jacques Hayen is part of the metering department which is facing the evolutions of the electricity and gas networks with the arrival of Smart Meter.

Low voltage connection coordinator

Sergio Da Costa is one of our Connection Coordinators. He organizes the connections of our customers to the Low Voltage network and ensures the follow-up of his construction sites.

Project manager high pressure gas

As part of the extension and maintenance of the gas network, our Project Managers Jean-Paul Schmit and Jean-François Schneiders take charge of the management of large-scale projects from A-Z.

Head of the HSE (Health, Safety and Environment)

With more than 370 employees on construction sites, health, safety and the environment are a daily concern. Awareness being key, Christian Bour and his team are active in prevention, training and information.

IT service management manager & IT support coordinator

Sébastien Kokel and Luis Garcia are both part of our IT department which consists of over 60 employees and provides support to some 1500 users on a daily basis.

Project manager LV/MV

Our partner HelloFuture came to visit our Project Manager MT/BT Kim Schmit at our operations centre in Roost. They accompanied him throughout the day, both in the office and in the field for the commissioning of a Chargy station.