About Creos

Creos Luxembourg S.A. is the operator of electricity and natural gas networks in Luxembourg. More than 800 people are currently employed by the company.

Creos is responsible for the planning, execution, maintenance and operation of the high, medium and low-voltage electricity networks and the high, medium and low-pressure natural gas pipelines it owns or has been entrusted with the management of. The networks managed by Creos consist of more than 10,000 km of power lines and approximately 2,100 km of natural gas pipelines, as well as more than 290,000 electricity customers and some 48,000 natural gas customers. Creos also manages and reads meters, processes customer consumption data and invoices network access tolls.

As an operator of electricity and natural gas networks, Creos assumes its responsibility as a public utility and plans its infrastructure in such a way as to meet the changing demand for electricity and natural gas. Security of supply and the reliability of the energy networks are at the centre of Creos' concerns.

Access to the networks is guaranteed to all suppliers under transparent and equal conditions. This access, and the related tariffs, are monitored by a regulator, the Institut Luxembourgeois de Régulation (ILR).

In addition, when planning the networks, the company pays particular attention to the integration of its facilities into the landscape and makes considerable efforts to minimise the resulting impact on the environment. Today, 95,1% of low-voltage power lines and 74.2% of medium-voltage lines are buried in the ground.