Our professions

Renewable energies

nouk Hilger, who is in charge of the luxemburgish renewable energy activity for Enovos, reveals the challenges linked to green energy supply.

Customer service center

Vanessa Marques Abrantes shares the different challenges she faces as a customer service center agent at Enovos. 

Human ressources

Frédéric, our Head of Recruiting & Internal Mobility and Sandra, our HR Business Partner, explain their daily missions within the Human Resources Department. 

Jochen Zimmermann - Business IT

Jochen Zimmermann, what exactly is Business IT?
Our department is responsible for the creation of applications that accelerate or even make possible the implementation of business processes. This can be, for example, processes related to energy distribution or our customer relationship management. Generally, everything is linked. For example, if we better understand the consumption behavior of our customers, we can buy more targeted and cost-effective energy.

What skills are needed to do this?
Our team is interdisciplinary and includes not only IT experts and developers, but also other competencies. I am a civil engineer myself, but after graduating I started my career in a software company in Germany.

What do you particularly like about Luxembourg and Enovos?
In both cases I would say the international environment, which is a positive aspect in ​​life. In our team alone, there are 10 nationalities represented, which helps us in the search for solutions. Moreover, for my hobby, cooking, it allows me to take advantage of the various influences in the local cuisine.